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[VIDEO]: Alage – Lage In My City (Documentary – Part One)

Alage, one of the most talented, persistent up-and-coming rappers coming out of Boston, has officially released the opening scene to his documentary titled Lage In My City. The film, directed by Farsite Company, highlights Alage’s journey in hip-hop up through this point in his career. This first scene begins with Alage introducing himself and looking back on his early progress and Split Swagga, his debut mixtape that people tend to overlook, as things truly began to pop off the following year with From Da Corner to The Radio.

Alage also speaks on his connection with Connecticut and Rec Room Studios, and we get a behind the scenes look at his recording process in this first clip as well.

Stay tuned for Part Two, and make sure you download Alage’s most recent project, Do Or Die, if you’ve yet to do so. Be ready to see a lot of Alage’s name on The Fresh Heir these next few months.

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