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Mac Miller – “Blue Slide Park” (New Single)

As promised, Mac Miller released the title track to his upcoming album, Blue Slide Park, as soon as the album pre-orders hit 25,000 earlier today.

Blue Slide Park is set to hit stores and iTunes on November 8th, but as Mac announced in September, if the pre-order count were to hit 100,000, he would immediately drop the entire album on the spot. In between the 25K and 100K milestones, Mac also announced that at 50K he would donate $50,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Who knows if the already huge number will double in the next three weeks, but the fact that the pre-orders are already at 25K is pretty cool, especially for an indie label project. Since 100K is an absurd number, I think you can pretty safely count on BSP not releasing until 11/8, but for now, enjoy the title track and stay tuned for more Mac-related news in the coming weeks.

“Blue Slide Park” was produced by ID Labs who Mac has worked with many times before, and I’m actually feeling this track. Mac seems to be toying with his sound a bit, and that’s a good thing because his versatility and whether or not he’s capable of growing as an artist has been under question quite a bit leading up to the album’s release. I’m excited to hear BSP in its entirety, and I have a feeling this track’s going to get plenty of spins on my iPod this week.

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