NFL Pick Em: Week 7 – The Fresh Heir vs. F.R.3.Shhh

Well, this has been a crazy weekend to say the least. After getting about three hours of sleep Thursday night cramming for an exam the next morning, I had my most tiring workout of the year at the Odd Future show in Boston Friday night.

Then I slept for four hours, got up at 7 in the morning, and caught a bus home with my brother so we could drive to Worcester to see J. Cole with a few friends. That concert is a different story for a different day…. Cole is on another level.

So we got back from that at 1 o’clock this morning, and now I’ve gotta be on a bus back to Boston in an hour and a half so I can get to work on time. Then I got a shit ton of schoolwork tonight. Damn. But hey, I can’t really complain.

But back to the topic at hand – it’s Week 7 in the NFL already somehow, and my head-to-head Pick-Em battle with Dominic from 100% F.R.3.Shhh that began in Week 3 is only picking up steam. We’ve been close every week so far, including last week when we both went 9-4, and I already know this week won’t be any different.

I wish I had more time to do some analysis of the individual games, but simply picking the winners and the scores for the second week in a row is gonna have to suffice.

Check out Dominic’s picks HERE and feel free to comment with your thoughts. Also, vote on your Game of the Week below. Not a ton of particularly enticing matchups in Week 7, but there are still a handful of games worth keeping your eye on.

The Fresh Heir:

Atlanta 28 – Detroit 24

Cleveland 17 – Seattle 13

Houston 21 – Tennessee 17

Denver 31 – Miami 17

San Diego 24 – New York Jets 20

Tampa Bay 27 – Chicago 21

Carolina 28 – Washington 20

Dallas 34 – St. Louis 21

Oakland 30 – Kansas City 13

Pittsburgh 25 – Arizona 14

Green Bay 33 – Minnesota 14

New Orleans 27 – Indianapolis 17

Baltimore 31 – Jacksonville 10

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