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Cashflow Ellis x Sergio Rockstar – Hearse Flow (Official Video)

It’s officially Halloween 2011, and that means the highly-anticipated visual for Cashflow Ellis and Sergio Rockstar’s “Hearse Flow” has finally arrived.

I had a chance to interview Cashflow Ellis earlier this week, and he talked a little bit about “Hearse Flow,” his track that has recently been getting steady rotation on the midwest radio circuit and that No Ending Films shot the official trailer for towards the beginning of the month.

This video is dope. I couldn’t wait to see what Polish Rob of No Ending Films could do with the final version of “Hearse Flow,” the visual accompaniment to one of the catchiest tracks of the year, and after watching it a few times, I’m glad to say that my anticipation was not for nothing. The mixture of cloudiness and black-and-white flashes makes for the ideal Halloween release, and Sergio is straight up frightening when he breaks into his verse…. in a good way. This is a duo that can clearly perform with the same ferocity and consistency on camera as they do on the mic, and that in itself is a scary thought. The final series of shots consisting of the Famsquad meetup at the edge of the cornfield and the closing Cashflow stare is perfectly eery as well. Damn.

Produced by Freaktonez and Keeynote.

Cashflow. Sergio. Famsquad. Time to recognize.

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