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[New Video]: Freddie Gibbs w/ Dom Kennedy & Polyester – “Menace II Society”

Attention: Brand new visual from Gangsta Gibbs, yes, the same Gangsta Gibbs that got through the TSA yesterday after they found his weed and took the Twitpic to prove it. Anyway, the video for “Menace II Society” off Gibbs’ latest project, Cold Day In Hell, isn’t anything jaw-dropping or revolutionary, but it’s what we’ve all come to expect from he and Dom K – a chilled out, laid-back, fresh as hell visual.

“Menace II Society” is one of my favorite tracks off Cold Day In Hell simply for the fact that it’s Freddie and Dom Kennedy, two of my favorite artists in the game, and the Cardo beat isn’t anything to complain about either. The Infamous Green Streets-directed video features quick, colorful cuts throughout, and the song’s carefree, party-like atmosphere is portrayed perfectly.

Stay tuned for more from Freddie Gibbs and Dom Kennedy, and be sure to hit the links below.

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