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Cashflow Ellis – A Conversation with FaShoDoe (VIDEO)

Cashflow Ellis, a young artist coming out of Chicago that I interviewed in the fall, sat down with MsFashodoe of FaShoDoe Music last week and chopped it up about his background, how it feels to be working with Famsquad and Sir Michael Rocks, and everything that’s been going on in the past few months.

After the video for “Attitude,” a track produced by Keeynote featuring verses from Mikey Rocks, Famsquad, and Cashflow, has racked up over 140 thousand views in its first month, the buzz surrounding the young MC is louder than ever, and there are nothing but big things coming from Cashflow in the future.

This interview provides a great look into Cashflow’s personality and motivations, as well as a hint or two about what’s on the slate for he and his crew in the coming months.

Check the interview above, and be sure to hit the links below to stay up with Cashflow Ellis.






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