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[New Music]: Bigg Dee & The #ChefBoyz – Talk Of The Town (Promo Video)

If Bigg Dee and the #ChefBoyz aren’t the talk of the town already, they will be soon. The Boston collective has been absolutely killing it lately, and this new promo video for “Talk Of The Town,” the third single off Bigg Dee’s highly-anticipated mixtape, #TOTB: This Is Only The Beginnng, tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the crew.

Vlad (@MrREALLYTHO), Frizz Reality (@FlyGuyReal) and Bigg Dee handle the respective verses on the Joe Rufo-produced track, and if you can’t feel the energy through the screen, I don’t know how to help you. I’ve known these guys for a little while, and I can ensure you that everything you see in this video is real life for the #ChefBoyz. They have more fun than you can imagine regardless of whether the camera’s rolling or not. They’re making great music and gaining buzz the right way – not stepping on anyone else to get to the top, but rather bringing originality and flavor to the table as perhaps the most talented group Boston’s seen in a long time.

Bigg Dee and the #ChefBoyz performed at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge two nights ago and ended up headlining a show they were listed as openers for because the promoters realized how much of the crowd came out just for them. #CBITB (ChefBoyz In This Bitch) is real. Jump on the bandwagon while there’s still room.

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